Terms and Conditions of Hire

All terms and conditions listed below represent an Agreement between the Hirer and Top End Baby Hire (‘TEBH’) applicable immediately on payment for the hire of items:

  1. Hire items remain the property of TEBH at all times.
  2. Hire items will not be delivered unless full payment has been received by TEBH;
  3. The minimum hire charge is one week;
  4. TEBH has a no refund policy on cancellations made within 48 hours of delivery;
  5. Delivery, return & installation of the hire items within the Palmerston Region is free of charge. A minimal fee will be negotiated for delivery/return of hire items outside these areas;
  6. TEBH cannot be responsible or provide compensation for unforeseen delays in delivery;
  7. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle being used has factory fitted anchor points;
  8. TEBH will contact you prior to the end of your hire period to extend the hire or arrange for the hire items to be collected. If you cannot be contacted, the weekly hire rate will be charged until the equipment is returned;
  9. The hirer agrees to notify TEBH of any change of address;
  10. Hire items are to be returned and/or collected inclusive of all parts, clean and in working order. On failure of this condition TEBH may seek reasonable repair, replacement, and/or cleaning expenses from the Hirer;
  11. The Hirer agrees to pay TEBH for any loss or damage to the hire items that occurred during the period in which the Hirer had possession of them;
  12. A security deposit is required for all periods of hire. The hirer’s credit card details will be kept by TEBH and this information will be destroyed on the return of the hire items complete, free of damage, and in working condition. If you do not have a credit card, a cash deposit will be required depending on the type of items you are hiring;
  13. TEBH reserves the right to recover from the Hirer full replacement costs for items that become damaged or are lost during the period in which the Hirer had possession of them.
  14. The hirer agrees to report any faults with the equipment to TEBH immediately. TEBH warrants to repair or replace any equipment which is or becomes defective under normal and proper use;
  15. The hirer shall not allow any person not authorised by TEBH to repair or otherwise carry out work on the equipment;
  16. The Hirer is responsible for insuring the items during the period in which the Hirer has possession of them.
  17. Whilst TEBH seeks at all times to show ‘duty of care’ in the provision of clean, working items for hire no assurance is provided in respect of the condition of the property or its suitability for any purpose;
  18. Whilst TEBH seeks at all times to show ‘duty of care’ in the provision of clean, working items for hire TEBH accepts no responsibility or liability for loss, damage, or injury that may occur to any person, persons or property as a result
    of use of the hire items.
  19. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure the hired item is appropriate for the Hirer’s intended use.
  20. The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed at all times when using the hire items. Guidelines will be provided upon request.


The privacy of your personal information is very important. TEBH only collects information from you that is relevant to providing you with products and services. It will not be disclosed to third parties.


The hirer shall indemnify TEBH, TEBH’s Owners, TEBH’s employees, and agents from all loss, damage, injury, actions, or claims arising directly or indirectly from the use of hire items. This includes negligence shown to be the fault of TEBH, TEBH’s Owners, TEBH’s employees, and agents.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]