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How do they work?

The SILVERETTE® cups has delivered the results which creams have failed when mothers are trying to heal while they are working on their breastfeeding technique. Breastfeeding requires correct latch if mothers do not get this right they will continue to suffer wounds from breastfeeding. In the early days whilst they do this, SILVERETTE® is used to help them repair quickly so they can meet the feeding demands or pumping if they decide to do this instead of breastfeeding. With pumping mums tend to experience tearing of the nipple skin or  inflammation.


Silver has always been known since the roman times as a disinfectant. Since 400 BC where the “father of medicine” Hippocrates documented silver’s beneficial properties to heal wounds and repair skin tissue. We commonly see silver in its everyday applications in jewellery, cutlery, coins, conduct electricity, industrial parts, mobile phones, and even in computers.


There is a lot of content on SILVER’s benefits and also feedback about the SILVERETTE Cups. There is always very small sample size of people who use the cups could not provide relief due to other health issues but majority have loved the product and have been grateful it has given their breastfeeding journey an extension.


Silver is a powerful precious metal that provides protection and benefits for humans. It is here to help provide benefits to everyday life and taking something that has been around for so long into the world of breastfeeding skin repair.


Another link for you to show you a diagram of Silver on wound healing:




So what is the difference between the sizes? Just the diameter by 0.5cm. Silverette launched the bigger size to cater for larger breast mothers who have bigger areola areas. It was designed for those mums in mind. Silverette has been around since 2002 so these came to the market towards the end of last year. Before this, mothers have used the normal size and it was still effective. This is just an additional enhancement to the product to make it more comfortable for mothers with larger areolas.


SILVERETTE® the original regular size

SILVERETTE® Regular is Recommended for:

  • Breast Cup size of either A,B & C with areola less than or equal to 4.5cm.


SILVERETTE® XL is recommended for:

  • Areola dimension of more than 4.5cm. The design is to provide more comfort for bigger areola area.
  • If breast cup is above C (That is size from D,E,F,G and onwards)

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